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The state of Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities 2018-2019

The purpose of this report is to provide an insight on both the opportunities and limitations the vulnerability ecosystem offers.

The Mobile Economy Latin America 2019

By 2023, mobile’s contribution to the Latin American economy will reach just over $300 billion as countries increasingly benefit from the increased uptake of mobile services and the associated improvements in productivity and efficiency.

EU Member States incident response development status report

Following the recent transposition of the NIS Directive1 (NISD) into European Member States (MS) legislation, this study aims to analyse the current operational Incident Response set-up within NISD sectors2 and identify the recent changes.

Getting Digital Right

Digital technologies are changing the world in which asset managers compete. A confluence of significant technological changes has created new opportunities that, in turn, create new customers and new competitors. And those customers and competitors are driving innovation across the front, middle and back office.

Digital identity opportunities for women: Insights from Nigeria, Bangladesh and Rwanda

Drawing on in-country qualitative research, this study explores the specific incentives, challenges, preferences and benefits that women and girls will encounter, compared to men, when engaging with digital identity systems or services.

Port Cybersecurity - Good practices for cybersecurity in the maritime sector

 Developed in collaboration with several EU ports, this report intends to provide a useful foundation on which CIOs and CISOs of entities involved in the port ecosystem, especially port authorities and terminal operators, can build their cybersecurity strategy.

Identifying and Anticipating Cyberattacks That Could Cause Physical Damage to Industrial Control Systems

Physical control systems are increasingly controlled by reconfigurable, network-enabled devices to increase flexibility and ease commissioning and maintenance. Such capability creates vulnerabilities. Devices may be remotely reprogrammed by a malicious actor to act in unintended ways, causing physical damage to mechanical equipment, infrastructure, and life and limb.

Pseudonymisation techniques and best practices

This report explores further the basic notions of pseudonymisation, as well as technical solutions that can support implementation in practice. Starting from a number of pseudonymisation scenarios, the report defines first the main actors that can be involved in the process of pseudonymisation along with their possible roles.

ENISA good practices for security of Smart Cars

This report defines good practices for security of smart cars, namely connected and (semi-) autonomous vehicles, providing added-value features in order to enhance car users’ experience and improve car safety.

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