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Yearbook of Global Climate Action 2019

The Yearbook of Global Climate Action 2019 takes stock, highlighting climate action success stories and the need for conditions conducive to stepped up climate action, while the Climate Action Pathways suggest transformational actions and milestones towards neutrality in key areas, such as energy, industry, transport, human settlements, water, land use, and resilience to the inevitable effects of climate change.

Los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS) proporcionan una guía para medir, gestionar y comunicar el impacto social y ambiental.

Lanzados por las Naciones Unidas en 2016, los 17 Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS) abarcan un conjunto amplio de metas a alcanzar para 2030 para crear un mundo más próspero, igualitario y ambientalmente sostenible.

Solid biomass barometer 2019

Solid biomass energy consumption trend swings depend on public policies promoting its use, but they are also highly susceptible to weather conditions.

Global Social Mobility Index 2020: why economies benefit from fixing inequality

The headline finding of the report is that most economies are failing to provide the conditions in which their citizens can thrive, often by a large margin. As a result, an individual’s opportunities in life remain tethered to their socio-economic status at birth, entrenching historical inequalities.

Energising Our Electric Vehicle Transition

This report focuses on steps to remove potential barriers and reinforce actual enablers. It provides a focus on key issues and states when important questions have to be resolved.

El Microscopio global de 2019: El entorno propicio para la inclusión financiera

El Microscopio Global analiza la regulación y políticas utilizadas por los gobiernos y los organismos reguladores para aumentar la inclusión financiera entre sus poblaciones.

Eurasia Group's Top risks For 2020

We've lived with growing levels of geopolitical risk for nearly a decade, but without a true international crisis. Outside of geopolitics, global trends have been strongly favorable. That's now changing.

Recharge EU: How many charge points will EU countries need by 2030

The shift to EVs will create a multi-billion euro market opportunity for European industry in the grid works, and manufacturing, installation and maintenance of public charging. The EU must do everything it can to fight the climate emergency while supporting jobs in Europe.”

Balance 2019 y perspectivas 2020 para la ANDI

Con un detallado panorama de lo ocurrido en 2019 y lo que se espera para 2020 en materia económica, la ANDI presenta un informe en el que además se hace un pormenorizado recuento de lo ocurrido en la región y en el mundo.

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