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The Effect of Reducing Electric Car Purchase Incentives in the European Union

The importance of electric car purchase incentives is starting to be questioned. The objective of this paper is to explore the potential effect of reducing or removing electric car purchase public subsidies in the European Union.

Informe Nacional de Competitividad 2019-2020

El Consejo Privado de Competitividad (CPC) presenta el Informe Nacional de Competitividad 2019-2020. El informe se publica anualmente desde 2007, con el propósito de analizar en detalle el estado de la competitividad de Colombia y es el resultado de la labor constante del CPC en el marco del Sistema Nacional de Competitividad e Innovación.

 Informe Anual 2019, Poner fin a la pobreza, invertir para generar oportunidades.

Este Informe anual, que abarca el período comprendido entre el 1 de julio de 2018 y el 30 de junio de 2019, ha sido elaborado por los directores ejecutivos del Banco
Internacional de Reconstrucción y Fomento (BIRF) y de la Asociación Internacional de Fomento (AIF) —denominados colectivamente “Banco Mundial”—, según lo dispuesto en los reglamentos de ambas organizaciones.

Charging up India’s electric vehicles : infrastructure deployment and power system integration

India has embarked on an ambitious path towards more sustainable mobility by promoting the electrification of its transport sector. The push for electric vehicles is driven by the global agenda established under the Paris Climate Agreement to reduce carbon emissions, and by the national agenda, which includes improvement of air quality in its urban areas, reduction of dependence on oil imports, and encouragement of the local EV manufacturing sector.

Materials dependencies for dual-use technologies relevant to Europe's defence sector

To support the European Commission in the preparation of future initiatives fostering the sustainability of strategic supply chains, this study was commissioned to assess bottlenecks in the supply of materials needed for the development of technologies important to Europe's defence and civil industries.

How Emissions-Optimized EV Charging Enables Cleaner Electric Vehicles

The analysis explores how correctly implemented emissions-optimized charging for electric vehicles (EVs) can further improve their environmental performance, as measured by grid emissions associated with EV charging. It also estimates aggregate environmental benefit based on 2030 adoption rates for EVs.

Going electric: how everyone can benefit sooner

Our new report, Going electric: how everyone can benefit sooner highlights that the way to address this disparity is through more rapid growth in the used electric car market.

Chilling Prospects: Tracking Sustainable Cooling for All 2019

Chilling Prospects: Tracking Sustainable Cooling for All 2019 is the second report in the Chilling Prospects series and serves as a follow-up to the inaugural report’s wake-up call and call to action.

Growing Better: Ten Critical Transitions to Transform Food and Land Use

There is a remarkable opportunity to transform food and land use systems, but as the challenges are growing, we need to act with great urgency. The global report from the Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU) proposes a reform agenda – centred around ten critical transitions – of real actionable solutions.

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