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Cyber Challenges to the Energy Transition

The energy sector’s adoption of intelligent, sophisticated technology is enabling new business models and more efficient asset management. As the sector’s digital footprint expands, new synergies are being realized by linking operational, information technology, and communication systems within organizations and across the energy supply chain.

Solar-Plus-Storage:The Future Market for Hybrid Resources

The new report notes that solar-plus-storage projects already account for over 40% of all capacity in the California Independent System Operator interconnection queue and those projects are also experiencing “sizeable growth” in the PJM Interconnection queue.

Breakthrough Batteries

Rapid advancements in battery technology are poised to accelerate the pace of the global energy transition and play a major role in addressing the climate crisis.


Los objetivos del Plan Energético Nacional -PEN- están encaminados a la satisfacción de los requerimientos energéticos del país, en el marco de una transformación energética global, marcada por una mayor sensibilidad con el medio ambiente, por la irrupción de nuevas demandas provenientes de comunidades, por mayores niveles de crecimiento económico, por el desarrollo tecnológico y por los compromisos de mitigar los impactos del cambio climático.

Leveraging Advanced Metering Infrastructure to Save Energy

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) can be a powerful tool to help utility customers save energy and money. Utilities can use AMI's granular data for near-real-time customer feedback, time-varying pricing, program targeting, insights on customer energy use, and program design.

Revista CIER No. 83

Edición Especial Generación Distribuida

Electric Company Smart Meter Deployments: Foundation for a Smart Grid (2019 Update)

In this report, we discuss some of the innovations, benefits, and capabilities enabled by smart meters; summarize the current status and projected number of smart meters installed nationwide; and, provide our perspective on the growing importance of investing in the distribution grid.

Smart meter reviews: why do people love their smart meters?

As well as this survey, over the past few years we have interviewed people in their homes to find out why they had a smart meter installed, and how they're getting on with it. Below are three of our favourites.


The energy sector is undergoing widespread disruption. Technology is advancing rapidly while new business models are emerging.

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