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La ANE realizó primera reunión de Grupos Técnicos de Trabajo en Radiocomunicaciones (GTTR)

La Agencia Nacional del Espectro realizó la primera reunión de Grupos Técnicos de Trabajo en Radiocomunicaciones (GTTR), la cual fue instalada por el Director General de la entidad, Miguel Felipe Anzola Espinosa, y contó con la participación de la Asesora Internacional de la ANE, Carol Sosa Leguizamón; la Coordinadora  del Grupo de Ingeniería, Carolina Daza Tache; Jose Lozano Gacha, del Grupo de Ingeniería de Espectro y Ricardo Martínez  Duque, del Grupo de Gestión de Espectro.

US utilities turning to managed EV charging programmes

US utilities are increasingly viewing electric vehicles (EVs) as a critical building block of their distributed energy resource (DER) plans, helping to smooth electricity demand while lowering costs for customers, according to a new study released by market intelligence firm Northeast Group.

How US Cities and Counties Are Getting Renewable Energy

Cities are a core driver of climate change, accounting for more than 70% of greenhouse gas emissions. Precisely because they are such big GHG emitters, cities can be at the forefront in tackling climate change by leading the switch to clean energy.

Reporte del tráfico de Internet durante la Emergencia Sanitaria declarada por el Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social

En cumplimiento de lo ordenado por el Decreto 555 de 2020 y con el propósito de monitorear el tráfico de Internet en Colombia durante la Emergencia Sanitaria declarada por el Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social, con ocasión de la pandemia derivada del Coronavirus COVID-19,

Extraordinary ‘megaflash’ lightning strikes cover several hundred kilometres, smashing records

Closing the windows and covering your pet’s ears, during the ensuing thunder, probably wouldn’t have made much difference to anyone stuck in the middle of the flash that developed continuously over northern Argentina on 4 March 2019, lasting a whopping 16.73 seconds.

'Simple' or a 'Band-Aid'? ISO-NE leans toward Eversource/National Grid $49M solution for Mystic plant replacement

ISO New England in June identified National Grid and Eversource's "Ready Path Solution" as the most cost-effective way to address transmission reliability issues following the planned retirement of the Mystic Generating Station in 2024.

The nexus between data centres, efficiency and renewables: a role model for the energy transition

How much will electricity consumption from data centres grow from today’s 1% of the global total? 40-fold by 2030? Or a more manageable 5-fold? Or less? Sean Ratka and Francisco Boshell at IRENA try to answer this question by looking at the innovations being made by the tech industry to drive down power costs and emissions.

WoodMac: Solar and Storage Prices Falling Faster Than Expected Due to COVID-19

The fallout from the coronavirus pandemic and the looming threat of recession are expected to drive down pricing for front-of-the-meter solar and storage systems even faster than expected.

Survey finds 74% of consumers want to select their energy supplier

The Retail Energy Supply Association (RESA) last week released its national scientific poll that indicates three out of four voters want options and choice when selecting their energy suppliers. The results were released in conjunction with National Energy Shopping Day.

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