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 Guía de implantación de un honeypot industrial

En esta guía se proporcionan conceptos relacionados con los honeypots, los requisitos recomendados para su correcta implementación, los diferentes tipos posibles y su evolución hasta nuestros días, donde se implementan formando una honeynet.

 Making Sense of Industrial IoT Platforms

Our IIoT systems—and all of the disparate assets that contribute to them—are growing more complex. This is a good thing. More capabilities. More connectedness. More gains.

5G-era Mobile Network Cost Evolution

Following a raft of 5G commercial launches in Asia, Europe and North America a subtle shift has taken place in industry focus. Rather than justifying the elusive 5G business case, the attention is moving on to fine-tuning 5G deployments and optimising 5G-era costs.

Building a Fully Connected, Intelligent City

Intelligent cities lie at the heart of the booming digital economy. Indeed, the intelligent world has arrived, and new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are changing the ways cities evolve.

Cybersecurity for financial inclusion: framework & risk guide

The primary purpose of this document is to provide key principles and best practices that will offer guidance to assist regulatory and supervisory authorities in devising tools for the financial sector to deal with cybersecurity risks.

Shaping the Digital Transformation in Latin America

This report discusses policies and approaches to spur sustainable and inclusive digital transformation in the LAC region across seven action areas: enhancing access to digital technologies; strengthening their effective use; enabling digital innovation; ensuring quality jobs for all; promoting an inclusive digital society; strengthening trust; and fostering market openness.

Smart Consumers in the Internet of Energy

 This report analyses international case studies of innovative business models and regulatory arrangements and provides recommendations for a truly smart energy system.

Building a digital ecosystem for the planet

Dramatic digital transformation is underway (Figure 2).3 Over 90% of all the world’s data has been generated during the last two years4. Mobile devices connect five billion people on the planet.5 New satellite technologies image the Earth’s surface daily to a resolution of three meters.6 New cloud computing and artificial intelligence algorithms allow us to monitor, detect and predict environmental and climate threats based on a stream of earth observations, ground sensors and other data points.

Guía para aprender a identificar fraudes online

Como sabemos que los fraudes online es un tema que preocupan y mucho a los usuarios, hemos desarrollado una guía muy visual y práctica para aprender a identificarlos. A través de ella, hacemos un repaso de los tipos de fraudes más comunes que circulan por la Red, detallando en qué consisten y cómo detectar cada uno de ellos.

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