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Putting CO2 to Use

New opportunities to use carbon dioxide (CO2) in the development of products and services are capturing the attention of governments, industry and the investment community. Climate change mitigation is the primary driver for this increased interest, but other factors include technology leadership and supporting a circular economy.

Electric vehicles roll-out in Europe: Towards an improved regulatory regime

This report provides a timely contribution to the search for concrete responses on how to successfully complete and manage the roll-out of electric vehicles in Europe.

Oil and Gas Industry Engagement on Climate Change

The most important strategic issue facing the energy industry today is climate change. As the earth’s average temperature continues to rise with the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the stable functioning of earth’s natural systems adjusts to the new, high-carbon reality and society begins to witness the effects of an altered natural environment and its impact on our lives and livelihoods.

Global Competitiveness Report 2019: How to end a lost decade of productivity growth

Ten years on from the global financial crisis, the world economy remains locked in a cycle of low or flat productivity growth despite the injection of more than $10 trillion by central banks. The latest Global Competitiveness Report paints a gloomy picture, yet it also shows that those countries with a holistic approach to socio-economic challenges, look set to get ahead in the race to the frontier.

Digital with a purpose - Delivering a Smarter 2030

Digital with Purpose-Delivering a Smarter 2030 comes at a time when the world is waking up, albeit slowly, to the existential challenge it faces from climate change and to the slow progress against the broader 2030 Agenda, which has such profound implications for everyone.

Upgrade DH: Upgrading the Performance of District Heating Networks in Europe

The overall objective of the Upgrade DH project is to improve the performance of district heating (DH) networks in Europe by supporting selected demonstration cases for upgrading, which can be replicated in Europe.

Air quality in Europe 2019

This report presents an updated overview and analysis of air quality in Europe from 2000 to 2017. It reviews the progress made towards meeting the air quality standards established in the two EU Ambient Air Quality Directives and towards the World Health Organization (WHO) air quality guidelines (AQGs).

The Future of Asian and Pacific Cities 2019: Transformative Pathways Towards Sustainable Urban Development

The cities of 2030, 2050 and 2100 will be very different from today. They will be cities transformed in their demographic composition, in their implementation of technology and in their wider ecological contexts.

Competitiveness of the heating and cooling industry and services Part 2

This report constitutes the second part of a larger Study on the “Competitiveness of the Renewable Energy Sector”, conducted by COWI and CEPS for DG ENER of the European Commission.